Dating in New York – the largest city in the United States

The best 10 places for dating in New York

New York is a huge metropolis with an energetic rhythm of life and unique character. 

Thanks to the famous Hollywood movies, new York has become a real city-a dream, a symbol of success and prosperity. It is a city that is known to never sleep – at night, in the light of bright lights and neon signs, it seems even more attractive. 

We offer you a list of the main attractions of new York city, a place where you can get acquainted and date with its second half.

Here the list of Offline dating places (online dating in New York):

1. Statue of Liberty

The most popular and recognizable landmark of new York and a symbol of the whole of America for a century and a half is the legendary statue of Liberty. A giant sculptural figure was brought from France as a gift to the American people on the centenary of the independence day. The goddess of Freedom holds a burning torch in one hand and a sacred tablet in the other. At her feet is a broken chain, a symbol of independence. The crown has seven rays, this number denotes the number of continents on the planet according to Western tradition.

The height of the statue of Liberty with the pedestal is 93 meters, and the height of the goddess with the torch – 46 meters. On the pedestal and inside the crown are equipped with two observation terraces. Moreover, inside the pedestal can be moved by Elevator, but those who want to get inside the crown will have to test their strength and overcome more than 350 steps.

2. Times Square

To visit new York and not visit Times Square is the same as to come to Moscow and not see Red square. The heart of new York city, with its huge skyscrapers, bright neon signs and wide billboards, looks especially attractive in the dark. At the beginning of the XX century there was the editorial office of the legendary newspaper The New Work Times, after which the square got its name.

Today in times Square you can see the world-famous Broadway musicals, visit the Museum of wax Madame Tussauds and, of course, buy a lot of Souvenirs, walking through the luxurious shopping centers. The local living attraction for several years is a naked cowboy with a guitar. This charismatic street musician not only pleases the audience with his creativity, but also has an official license for registration of marriages.

The most popular and popularly beloved American tradition is the new year's eve Party in times Square, followed by a Grand descent from the top of a skyscraper huge shining crystal ball.

3. New York Central Park

Central Park is one of the attractions in new York city that you need to see first. It is an amazingly beautiful green area, reviving a multi-million metropolis, like an oasis in the desert. This place is extremely popular among residents and guests of the city. The Central Park of new York was seen even by those who have never been in it, because there were scenes of many famous American films.

Almost all the landscapes of the Park are created by hand, however, its relict trees, lawns for picnics, artificial lakes and cozy shady alleys look very natural. Here you can relax for hours from the bustle of the city: boating, feeding squirrels and birds and just enjoy the abundance of greenery.

Fans of outdoor activities are happy to ride here on bicycles, play badminton and Jogging. In addition, the Park is located contact zoo, music clock, Belvedere castle, puppet theater and other interesting objects that help to have fun. This is the best place in new York city for a holiday surrounded by nature.

4. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue has a reputation as one of the most respectable streets in the world, it is famous for the abundance of luxury boutiques, branded shops, major business centers and interesting museums. Here are important for new York city attractions: the famous Empire state building, a large office complex Rockefeller center, neo-Gothic masterpiece of St. Patrick's Cathedral. On one of the sites of the Fifth Avenue, called the Museum mile, there are world-famous cultural pearls: the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Solomon Guggenheim, The German cultural center named after Goethe.

This is one of the most visited places in new York, where it will be interesting to visit everyone!

5. Macy's shopping center

New York is considered to be one of the main capitals of the world of fashion and, of course, having come to this city, you just need to please yourself with pleasant shopping. To save time and money, it is better to go to the world's largest clothing store – Macy's shopping center. For new Yorkers, Macy's isn't just a store, it's part of their history. This is the first large Department store in the city, founded in the middle of the XIX century by businessman Roland Macy. Today Macy's is ten floors of clothes, shoes and accessories for every taste.

Here are both inexpensive models and real masterpieces of fashion of the most famous brands. On Christmas eve, you can meet the real Santa Claus and admire the fabulous showcases, shining magic lights. Every year Macy's arranges a Grand festive parade for thanksgiving, this event is considered one of the most spectacular in new York.

6. Empire state building

The legendary Empire state building in new York city is one of the most recognizable symbols of the United States. It is the second highest tower in new York, second only to the Freedom Tower, built in 2013 on the site of the exploded twin towers. The Empire state building is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the world, it was built in the 30s of the XX century in the art Deco style. Today there are offices of more than 600 large companies. The building has 73 high-speed elevators, each of which can take you to the 80th floor in just one minute.

For tourists, the Empire state building is interesting, first of all, for its observation platforms. There are two of them-on 86 and 102 floors. A ticket to the 102nd floor is much more expensive, and marvel at the beauty of the panorama is stopping the Observatory located there. But the site on the 86th floor provides an excellent circular view of the metropolis from a bird's eye view, so it is considered one of the best viewing platforms in the world.

This is a place to go in new York!

7. The Metropolitan Museum of art in new York

The world-famous Metropolitan Museum of art is the main cultural attraction of America, and its collection is considered one of the most extensive and richest in the world. The Metropolitan Museum of art is located in a huge majestic building, resembling an Imperial Palace in its appearance. The number of Museum exhibits and their diversity amaze the imagination – here are collected artistic values from around the world from the oldest civilizations to the present day.

So that visitors are not confused in this dizzying variety, the Museum is divided into 19 thematic sections, and each exhibit is equipped with a sign with interesting information. In the Section "art of Egypt" you can see a real ancient temple, delivered to the United States by ship.

The section "Weapons and armor" presents a rich collection of ancient knives and medieval armor to the American "colt". The section "European painting" contains paintings by Rembrandt, Monet, van Gogh and many other world-famous artists. The real pride of the Museum is the section "American decorative art", which presents fine jewelry, including jewelry masterpieces of the company"Tiffany".

8. Metropolitan opera

Lovers of high musical art should definitely visit the Metropolitan Opera in new York-one of the most prestigious Opera houses in the world. There is a stunning atmosphere of luxury and splendor: the building is decorated with elegant sculptures, the lobby walls are painted with original artistic compositions Of Marc Chagall, and the luxurious velvet curtain is embroidered with skilful silk patterns.

The huge concert hall is famous for its excellent acoustics. At one of the world's leading Opera stages at different times performed Enrico Caruso, Maria Callas, Placido Domingo, as well as the great Russian Opera singers Fyodor Chaliapin, Galina Vishnevskaya, Elena Obraztsova, Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, Dmitry Hvorostovsky.

9. Guggenheim museum

Once on Fifth Avenue and strolling through the famous Museum mile, it is impossible not to notice the futuristic building in the form of an inverted spiral tower – the Guggenheim Museum, which has the reputation of the most unusual Museum in new York. The surreal appearance of the building is consistent with its internal content – here is a rich collection of works of abstract contemporary art.

The founder of the Museum was a coal magnate, gold miner and collector Solomon Guggenheim. He commissioned the construction of the Museum to the talented architect Frank Lloyd Wright-a man with extraordinary creative thinking. He designed the original concept of the gallery: visitors entering the Museum, immediately climb the Elevator to the seventh floor, and consider the artistic masterpieces, gradually moving down a spiral ramp.

The Museum's collection includes over 6,000 works of art, including paintings by Vasily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and other renowned artists. The Guggenheim Museum is a hot tourist spot in new York city, which will be very interesting to visit.

10. Brooklyn bridge

The legendary Brooklyn bridge is not just a highway connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan, but also a kind of business card of the us capital. The author of the project, an outstanding engineer John Roebling, for the first time in history used steel cables in the construction of the bridge.

The bridge length of almost two kilometers is divided along into three parts: the sides are designed for motorists, and the Central – for pedestrians and cyclists.

Thanks to this, the road from Brooklyn to Manhattan is one of the most popular city routes for Cycling. Particularly impressive Brooklyn bridge looks in the evening when the bright lights of its original illumination are lit.